Supports and hangers are mainly used for power plant steam water pipes or boiler equipment, thermal displacement and equipment installation in operation. According to the stress condition of the pipe, the work of the spring hanger and the requirement of thermal displacement are calculated.
The spring hanger is set according to the design load: the spring preloading and the fixed cold load position, and the theoretical working position of the cold state at the same time.

The spring hanger is set in the factory before the factory, and when it is installed to the pipe and equipment, the thread is adjusted to remove the pin. The actual load of the spring is the cold load required by the design.

Type and type:
There are four series of variable spring support hangers, which are mainly designed by the Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5), the TH1, TH2, TH3 series, TD series (JB/J8130.2-1999) and the Chemical Design Institute designed by the East China Electric Design Institute. The basic characteristics of the series are the same and the bearing capacity is 20daN-21000 DaN. The main form of structure is suspended, supporting and parallel suspension support.

T, TH structure form and model representation method:
According to the installation form, the hanger is divided into three types: the middle connecting hanger spring TH 1, the upper and lower connection hanger spring TH 2, and the bracket spring TH 3.
TH 1 is divided into three types: A, B and C.
TH 1 A (T1) is a single - ear hanger spring.
TH 1 B (T2) is a double ear hanger spring;
TH 1 C is threaded connection hanger spring;
These three types of springs are mainly used for hanging on steel beams, pipes and beams and floors.
TH 2 (T3) is suitable for mounting on steel beams.
TH 3 (T4) is mainly used for shelving on foundations, steel beams and floors.
T5 parallel suspension type.

VS, TD structure form and model representation method:
The variable spring hangers are mainly composed of cylindrical helical springs, displacement indicator plates, shells and elastic nuts.
Variable spring hangers are divided into seven types: A, B, C, D, E, F and G according to the different installation methods.
A - - - upper thread suspension type;
B - - Single - ear suspension type;
C - --- double ear suspension type;
D - - upper regulation and shelving type;
E - - lower regulation and shelving type;
Type F - ---- support and shelving type;
Type G - - parallel suspension type;