Anticorrosive and heat insulation fittings include anticorrosive insulation elbow, anticorrosive thermal insulation three links, anticorrosive thermal insulation bend pipes, anticorrosive and heat insulation different diameter pipes and so on. The anticorrosive and heat insulation pipe fittings are closely combined with high density polyethylene outer pipe, polyurethane foam insulation layer and inner work pipe body.

The heat insulation elbow is mainly used for the steering of the heat preservation pipe, which is generally used with the insulation pipe. It is used for compensation according to the heat insulation engineering pipeline design, so that the elbow can also have enough insulation performance, the standard elbow angle is 30, 45, 60, 90 degrees. Widely used in liquid and gas pipeline network, chemical pipeline insulation engineering oil, chemical, central heating network, central air conditioning ventilation pipe, municipal engineering pipe turning place. The main implementation standard CJ/T200 - 2004 "technical conditions for prefabricated direct buried steam insulation pipe for urban heating", CJ/T104---2005 "technical specification for direct buried steam pipeline for urban heating", SY/T114-2000, SY/T115-2001 "high density polyethylene polyurethane foam insulation steel pipe".

Pipeline anticorrosion refers to measures to slow down or prevent pipelines from being eroded and metamorphosed by chemical, electrochemical, or microbial metabolism.